Letters From Your Future

To my  2006:

You have managed to embarrass yourself over and over again. The older you are, the clumsier you get. True that. Do you want to know how many pair of glasses have you broken by falling down, stepping on them or just cleaning them up? Why are you breaking glasses? You may be wondering. Well, because your vision is bad, which you would know if you wore the glasses your mom bought you after they were prescribed to help you see things better. You’ll need them, and after you wear them for the first time, you’ll never leave them. You are a four eyes person now. Don’t worry, you look pretty. Back to clumsy situation, let me ask you something: what did you feel when you had that most embarrassing situation? Did you feel you wanted to die like I did back in that day? You’ll always remember that scene with a smile on your face. You were so innocent you blushed with every compliment thrown your way, now you roll your eyes and think you’ve heard all of those words before, and yeah, you know how pretty or smart you are, you have a mirror and a mind where you get to hear the smartness before it leaves your lips. You were sweet, you liked a boy and you could not stop looking at him, you stuttered when you were forced to talk to him because your friends would call him and pushed you to him just so that you would get a chance. That would have been sweet if you had only had a crush on one guy, but you didn’t. You had crushes everywhere, and all of your friends knew, the bastards. But, remember? The six of you hanging around outside of your classroom, mostly because you were kicked out, talking and laughing. That’s not feeling alone anymore, isn’t it? You found your way just like I said it would happen. Of course this doesn’t mean you don’t yell at them and they don’t tell you what a horrible temper you have, but meh, you love them. You are good together, everyone knows it. Do you want to know what else anyone knows? That it’s about to end.

This 2006 you close another chapter, you go to college, back with your parents. Everything has been planned out, you are excited, yet afraid. Don’t worry, nothing bad happens to you, everything goes ok, not perfect, but you can live with it. That’s the reason why I encourage you to enjoy the remaining time you have with your friends. Try to make the most of it, find a way to keep in touch, don’t let them go to waste, don’t let your friendship disappear into the distance. Don’t, because if you do, you’ll wonder what happened to them, and you’ll feel sad. Out of the five friends you had back there, you still talk to one of them, and you don’t talk; you dm eachother on twitter every now and then. The rest of them might as well be dead now. If you don’t want this to happen, do something about it, or else you’ll just become used to leave people behind and to never see them again, like that boy you left without a goodbye. Just like him and the dreams you cannot stop having about him, after which you wake up with a strange feeling in your chest. Sometimes you don’t remember what you dreamed of, but you always know it was him. Just like your best friend. She left three years ago, you have written each other several letters and talked numerous times on the phone, and yet she was also left behind. Sometimes you’ll tell yourself you don’t need friends, and maybe you don’t, but you do need to remember the times you were younger and the person you used to be before you became me. That being said, try to keep them, Lady Wickham (you’ll understand the reference in a few more years, hang in there).

These are the things you’ll remember the most of the beginnings of 2006.

Your teacher left the classroom because your friends told him you had a crush on a twin next door. He went to grab the twin by the arm, brought him to you, made all of your classmates laugh and cheer, kicked you out of his classroom so you could talk to him, and slammed the door in your face when you tried to go back to your seat.

You had your first fantasies with the ballet dancer, who was three years older than you and had a piercing you liked to toy with. Two, actually. He was hot, let’s face it. You would have like him to be your first. But, well, you never saw him again, so it didn’t happened.

You got drunk, tried to act sober, and got caught anyway.

You almost crashed all the times someone tried to teach you how to drive. You also tried to run people over. Just the ones you disliked. Not a big deal, really.

You pulled the nicest prank ever. You almost gave someone a heart attack.

Your friends made you a birthday party despite you didn’t like to hang out with them outside of school.

A friend ran towards you and hugged you with all her strength. She was crying because she did not get in the college she applied for. You ran your fingers through her hair as you tried to soothe her. You were not a douche back them. Not much, anyway.

The look on your grandparents’ eyes when they found out you had gotten in at the first and only college you applied after you stated you were going to take a sabbatical if you didn’t get in.

Saying goodbye to your friends at the graduation party.


And now the tips to survive your new life by the ends of 2006.

Don’t feel lost. College is not what you expected, but it grows on you.

You’ll fail morphology once, almost twice, but then you’ll love it.

Yeah, everything is in another language. It’s a good thing you understand, right?

Pay attention to linguistics. You’ll fall in love.

Stop wishing Noam Chomsky was dead. He is not.

You’ll find it hard to make girl friends, they all hate you, but you have the boys. You’ll be the only girl in a group of guys. The things you’ll learn.

You’ll have your first job at a vet shop. You’ll quit in a month or two.

Use your glasses, otherwise you won’t be able to take notes.

Don’t feel out of place in there. I know it’s hard to grow up, but you have two more years before you are required to seriously become a responsible adult.

Enjoy. It gets better.


From your 2017.





774 thoughts on “Letters From Your Future

  1. Tanya Cliff says:

    I hate wearing my glasses! I live in my contacts…Lol
    My 2006 saw the birth of my house comedian. We finished building a home in a lovely community. I was involved in several different ventures, including a writing project I loved. I was even finding time to ride my horse…(would you warn your 2006 about the 2008 train wreck or not?)

    The house comedian has endured and just become funnier with time…that child makes me smile…

    How are you today, Cookie Girlfriend?