Now for the anime


Yeah, I watch anime. Surprise, surprise.

These are my favorite among all the anime I’ve watched.

1.- Bleach

Here we go again.

Bleach was my first anime by choice. I watched Dragon Ball, but that was because my uncle made me record the damn thing while he was at school, but this one was different. After my boyfriend asked me to watch one episode, I chose to watch the entire series. It was both a mistake and a good decision.

Bleach has captivated me, it has everything I like, and it has also let me down with you know what since I cannot shut up about it. This anime was a master piece, and had the potential to be much more, but it died down through the years until it arrived to a premature conclusion its mangaka couldn’t handle that well. But I am loyal to it, and even if it lost its strength, for me it will be the best of them all, yet, at the same time, the worst ending ever. Thank you, Kubo.

 2.- Naruto

Oh, Naruto. This is came second, because it was what I watched after Bleach, and it made me both laugh and cry. I think Naruto has more depth than the first one, because sometimes it hits home with real problems. It also makes you cry with such sad scenes and laugh out loud with the funniest ones.

Plus, it has Itachi Uchiha. What more can I ask for? Oh yeah, that he was still alive, damn it.

3.- Kimi Ni Todoke

Why is a person like me watching an anime like this? It is for girls, that is what shoujo is about; it’s for girly girls, and we all know I am everything but girly. Still, I find in Kimi Ni Todoke an innocence I sometimes like to remember, something I miss from time to time, when you had your first crush and you died every time that person looked at you. It’s so sweet I feel like I am about to die of a sugar overdose, it is cute and, let’s face it, sometimes it makes you roll your eyes at the naïve protagonist who only wants to please people. But, yeah, at the end, it’s something I need to go back to the old times, and to stop thinking for a moment.

4.- Black Lagoon

Black Lagoon is the opposite of Kimi Ni Todoke, for there is nothing cute about the characters in this one. This anime is dark, it is full with crazy and violent people who are not afraid to kill whomever they run into. I love it! It has pirates, guns, alcohol, bad words, and Revy, the most kickass sociopath in anime. This one is home for me, that’s where I really belong. Forget about romance anime and Shonen, this is good for you if you like characters who are neither good nor bad, or who are bad and don’t give a rat’s ass about it. Yay to Black Lagoon.

5.- Death Note

I think we have a psychopath here. Our protagonist finds a death note, a book in which you have to write the name of the person you want to kill. This belongs to shinigamis, who are the gods of the death, like in Bleach, only these are different. So, this guy goes from being a good student to a criminal who plays God. He first killed prisoners, he wanted to get rid of bad people, but shit went down and then he dedicated his life to kill those who stood in his way.

Death note is also an intelligent anime, where there are two geniuses trying to outsmart each other through mind games and lots of strategies. Personally, I wished the bad guy would win. Too bad the ending happened.

6.- Lovely Complex.

Lovely Complex is a funny story about two people: Risa, a girl who is too tall for Japanese standards (5’6, 5’7, maybe), and Otani, who is too small even to said standards. They both have a weird friendship in which they look like a comedy duet everyone makes fun of. I like this anime because it is fun and sweet at the same time. There is no cheesiness, and even if there is, it is hidden behind hilarious situations that never get old for me.

7.- Vampire Knight

If you know I love vampires, then you also know Vampire Knight is a must for those who are into blood suckers and anime.

I only like the first part of it, the second, where things go south, I rather ignore and pretend it never happened. It’s safer that way, I don’t want to hate another mangaka. Kubo is enough for now.

Vampire Knight goes like this:

Girl likes man, man is a vampire, vampire likes girl.

Girl has a male, hot friend. Hot friend hates vampires. Hot friend becomes a vampire, and has a crush on the girl.

Girl wants to save friend, but falls in love with vampire.

Vampire protects girl because they have a past together.

They get together.

Shit happens.

8.-Fairy Tail

This one is also a long running anime. It’s about… about, well, fairies. But they kick ass, they are not like Edward Cullen, I mean, Tinkerbell. They have different abilities, fire, water, zodiac, armor, you name it.

The bad thing is Fairy Tail isn’t the only long running anime I’ve watched, so this means I am pretty behind, so I don’t know what is going on in there anymore. Besides that, Fairy Tail is entertaining, it has an interesting world I haven’t read about in books yet.

It also has Gray and his fits of nudity.

9.-Dragon Ball

This one needs no introduction.

This is the first anime I have ever watched. I remember being 6 years old and recording all the episodes my uncle missed because of school. This one was an acquired taste I still watch from time to time, because it is good and reminds me of the times my uncle said I looked like Piccolo, that bastard.

Also, it has Veku. Have you met him?


Orange broke my heart and disintegrated the pieces.

Imagine you receive a letter from your future self, in which you are told the person you just met, one you like and get to love, is no longer a part of life. Then imagine you find out that said person committed suicide and your future self wants to you to do everything you can to stop that from happening. Also, you are not the only person, but all your friends, who as well want to find a way to keep that person from killing himself even If that means changing the future, and with this, their lives.

It’s pretty dramatic.

I don’t feel bad about the man who kills himself, but for the friends who have their heart broken because of it, and for the one man who ended up with the protagonist in the future, but who is risking that same future (and his son) so that he can keep him alive. Oh, man. Here come the tears. Bye, bye, now.


42 thoughts on “Now for the anime

  1. Tanya Cliff says:

    I don’t watch anime, but the list is fascinating. I also discovered that at 5’7″, I am “too tall for Japanese standards”…didn’t know that…Lol

    I would feel horrible for the man who kills himself. It’s such a waste. I used to work in outpatient psychotherapy (private clinic). On Fridays, there was only one therapist on call in the morning, and I worked the afternoons by myself. That meant that I handled a few suicide calls, fortunately all survived. One, in particular, a 20-something, beautiful young lady, needed me on the phone for nearly an hour before help could be coordinated. I saw her a year later, and her life had completely turned around. It was an incredibly happy moment for me.

    Hope you had a happy holiday weekend.


    • believemeornotsite says:

      Oh, I am also 5’7, that is also very tall from where I come from, but that is not true. It’s average, I’ve seen taller people and felt like a small thing next to them. Lol.
      I also had an experience like that. Someone called 911, he said he was going to kill himself. The 911 operator tried her best to help him, but he was not making sense. He hung up on us, and I don’t know what happened to him. It’s weird..
      And yeah, I had a happy holiday, I spent most of the time eating, lol. What about you?

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Tanya Cliff says:

    I should add, it isn’t just a waste for the man’s own life. The girl I told you about had lost someone very close to her through suicide to my recollection. Her grief became tied into the same pattern of thinking down the road. It was horrible and preventable. (though I know you speak of fiction…)


      • Tanya Cliff says:

        That was kind of this girl’s situation. I’m going to date myself a bit here, but I had to use two separate land lines to manage it…with her constantly on one and a series of other people on the other. Oh, it was heartbreaking. This girl went through absolute hell in her life (I had typed out the dictation on her case and met her several times before this)…I believe it was her dad in this case, but other horrible things had happened to her as well. I learned a lot from my time there, including just how devastating events can be for folks (some of the case stories were unbelievable) and the simple importance of caring.

        BUT, it was a happy, happy ending…I almost didn’t recognize her when I next saw her…


      • Tanya Cliff says:

        They are my heroes. So many things fix given a bit of time. It’s just that corner that you can’t see around yet.
        If you are here talking to me, you must be that strong…life throws out garbage to everyone on occasion…Lol

        Liked by 1 person

      • Tanya Cliff says:

        So we all just have to remember to take the garbage out (teenage boys help with this…Lol) and not let it pile up and cause a stench all around. Or if you can’t toss it for whatever reason, compartmentalize it…stick it in a box for the night, shut the lid and pick it back up when you have to…Lol
        Then eat a macadamia nut cookie and smile…(I have dozens in my freezer…)

        Liked by 1 person

      • Tanya Cliff says:

        Well, my gal, cookie monster, you picked the right friend, because I ALWAYS make double batches…I need to buy an industrial 7 qt. mixer. I do the double batches, and mine often explodes over the top, and I have to stop and finish by hand…
        (turtle cheesecake is finished and waiting for its homemade caramel topping and heath bit sprinkles…drool worthy…Lol)

        Liked by 1 person

      • Tanya Cliff says:

        Cookie Monster, you are too funny…
        I would phrase it as “passion” driven, because it burns hotly but is focused clearly.
        Lust just chases after anything…Lol (like the whole werewolf pack…good way to get mauled and need me to come and rescue you with chocolate covered cookie dough balls…more effective than silver bullets…’cuz I can’t/won’t let the pack maul my cookie…Lol)

        Liked by 1 person

      • Tanya Cliff says:

        I have a situation in my own life with one of those corners right now. I can’t quite see around it yet, but I know there is really good on the other side of it. I don’t want to miss that, so it makes the small steps each day worth taking…

        Liked by 1 person

      • Tanya Cliff says:

        Too funny…so I was taking another step toward that corner we talked about and tripped on something someone had left carelessly on the ground. I didn’t fall, but it did stop me in my tracks. Girl to girl question: Would you keep going? Or would you take the stumble as a sign that it was the wrong corner?


      • Tanya Cliff says:

        Thank you, my Cookie Monster. I just needed a bit of encouragement. I haven’t doubted the corner from the first step of the journey. I just am feeling a bit clumsy in the getting there part of it…you know like you are walking with heavy weights on your feet and can’t pick them up correctly…Lol (and then there was this thing in the path that I didn’t see…my bad…gotta look down now and again…goose poop and all…lol)
        Honestly…I’m not a ballerina or anything, but I’m usually more coordinated than this.
        I’m going to bake you some extra large macadamia nut cookies…hold the onions…Lol


      • believemeornotsite says:

        Yay, cookies! Want to talk about clumsy? About an hour ago I went to the kitchen. I was holding a bottle of wine with one hand, a glass of wine and a mug with the other one. I opened up the refrigerator, the door hit me and I dropped the mug to the floor just so I would save the wine. It broke into so many pieces. Lol. Five minutes after that, I was washing a glass and it slipped from my hand and died, and about ten minutes ago I was drinking coffee and spilled it on me. So… Yeah, it happens.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Tanya Cliff says:

        Too funny…With my big family, I’m used to plenty of breaks and spills around my house. Fortunately, they never bother me. I was carrying four big candles in glass containers out to my deck…Of course, the one I dropped happened to be the deep red one…Glass shattered everywhere and I was left with red wax particles and streaks all over the floor. I now have a big tray I carry them all in. (I love lighting lots of candles out on the deck at night…when the weather is good…it is fireplace season now)

        I think all of my wine glasses have shattered. (so the good wine went into the stew…which made the stew really good…Lol)

        But coffee…ouch!

        Liked by 1 person

      • Tanya Cliff says:

        Well, I suppose the question is the same as my little stumble. Do you throw out the cup and switch to booze or do you simply fill it with more coffee?
        I have taken that next small step to my corner, and I could only do that by looking ahead. I will be glad to reach it though…


      • Tanya Cliff says:

        Lol…as long as you haven’t given up on coffee..
        Coffee stains aren’t that difficult to remove and burns heal….
        I love coffee. I drink too much coffee, but that’s another story…Lol


      • Tanya Cliff says:

        I start with coffee in the morning…at least 3 cups. Mid afternoon I might have a cup of tea or two, maybe another coffee. In the evening it is either tea or latte’s…I make a good latte.
        So my coffee cup is close by pretty much every waking hour…Lol
        Although, funny story: I will frequently reheat my coffee in the microwave, but I usually walk away while it is reheating. When I finally remember it, I wander around looking for my coffee cup. I will look and look and eventually discover it in the microwave…needing to be reheated AGAIN…Lol (It is a running joke in the house)


      • Tanya Cliff says:

        Well now I’m just ranting…but what’s a rant between us girls…Lol
        I had a blogging friend trying to comment to me over the holidays, and today I discovered 8 messages in my spam file from her…She thought I was blowing her off…Seriously…Gotta remember to check that spam. Sorry for the rant, but only another blogger would understand…Lol (If you need to rant, my cookie monster, I will listen…)

        Liked by 1 person

      • Tanya Cliff says:

        Lol…my cookie monster’s rants will be too funny…all those yummy cookie crumbs flying in every direction…the house mice will be sooooo happy…(oh, that was my last house…Lol) Rant away…


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