To the child you are

 What would you think if I told you the sky is nowhere near to be touched? Would you still try to reach it with your tiny hands the way you do when you think no one is watching, or would you hate me?

And if I said stars are deceased bodies far from this life? Would you believe it, or would you try to make a wish when you see light up the sky?  Now, now, you know that is not one, but if it were, what would you ask for?

What if I said we are dots inside the universe, if I told you a death does not stop the earth from spinning? Would you feel sad, would you want to live forever, or would you rather die?

What would think if I told you the sun does not come up, that it is not the center of the universe, but a mere star in a world with bigger ones? Would you feel insignificant? Would you want to cry?

And if I said evil wins all the time? Will you be able to see it? Would you trust my words, would you run and hide?

What if I told you the truth about human kind? I don’t think you can take it, but would you try?

What would you do if I said you are not living life, but you die it with every second that passes you by?

What would you think of me if I told you I am a monster hiding behind a mask? Would you still come with me? Would you let me die?

What if I said I have the truth for all the lies?

Would you trust me?

What if I told you either way you’re going to fall, that you will scratch your knees and rip apart? Would you still want to fly?

And if I said I know how our lives go? Would you want to hear it?

Here it goes: we all die.


6 thoughts on “To the child you are

  1. Tanya Cliff says:

    Yep…which is why every breath is a gift and each day matters. It’s why the sky is worth reaching for and monster behind the mask worth loving…because I don’t care what’s behind the mask but only what’s in the heart…It’s why the scratched knees are insignificant, because all that blood just means you were living and you dared to run when others simply sat down and gave up. Those who dare to run spend their seconds living, while the rest spend their seconds dying. I will spend my seconds flying. And, if you say I cannot, I will say “watch”, and then “fly with me”…if you dare…🦇(how do you think my Vampire would answer that one?…Lol
    Great questions, btw


  2. Tanya Cliff says:

    btw, because I care: evil doesn’t always win (it just seems like it sometimes, usually when there is a corner that you aren’t to yet that you cannot see past). If it did, I would have been six feet under long ago…and several times over. There would be four children who would not have been born into this world had evil won those days…🦇

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