Not only a story

Yesterday, while I was talking to my special person about certain anime (because we do that a lot), I started to cry. Yeah, I cried.

You see, when I was a teenager I used to see crying as a way of manipulating people. It worked like a charm. Every time I cried, they (whoever victim) would do whatever they could to make me stop. It was fun. I had always considered myself a player, and thought people where my toys, so I used them. That was crying for me, now I cry, apparently, for every single thing that touches my oversensitive soul. Thank you, Ahern for breaking me. The thing is, we were talking about an anime I started watching right after I got into Bleach, (hate you, Kubo), and I was discussing everything I remembered about it. After being almost traumatized by a horrible ending of you know what anime now, because I keep mentioning, I decided to give up on Shonen, and to watch Shoujo, the romantic girly anime with cute boys and shy girls, but that was not enough for me. It’s never enough. I need blood, action, a long running story, something to make me feel alive again (notice, please, the exaggeration), so once more I made a decision; to keep up where I left off. Yeah, Naruto, it is you I am talking about.

I remember watching Naruto after Bleach, but somehow I stopped by the Shippuden arc, at the very beginning. I don’t know why, I just did. I never forgot about it, for I asked my boyfriend from time to time what was going on in there. I know how it ends because, unfortunately, when you are deep in the world of anime and manga, you cannot avoid spoilers, and why should I? I love them. So, when Bleach ended with that stupid conclusion, some people mentioned it was similar of that in Naruto, and that made me curious. I watched, or attempted to, several anime before I played Naruto on Netflix. I am on season two, chapter 18, there is a mess going on, and I had forgotten some things, but some others I never could.

The reason I cried while talking about Naruto is easy. I am at the beginning of the story, where they introduce a blond twelve year old boy with blue eyes and a tendency to act like the class buffoon. He is zero talented, but persevering. People mistreat him, there are a few individuals who are not as cruel to him as the rest of the world is. The boy has no parents, he is all alone. He’s got no one but himself and his need to become a Hokage, which is the leader of his village. Why? So that people respect him and stop treating him like shit. You see, when Naruto was a baby, there was a nine tailed fox terrorizing said village, so, to make it stop, they sealed it inside the newborn’s body. People know he has a monster inside, so the fear they feel makes them hate Naruto; that hate is passed on to the children, who know nothing about this. As a consequence, they all look down on him, and that is the reason why Naruto is lonely.

He, seriously, lives alone, he wakes up and has breakfast on his own, and sometimes he drinks spoiled milk because he has no one to take care of him. He is 12, damn it. And even though people is mean to him, he tries really hard. He comes off as dumb and noisy, but he only wants respect and, why not, love. He doesn’t know why he is being treated the way he is, but he can see it in one’s eyes. Basically that is the reason I cried like a baby; he even had to hug me as he repeated: it’s an anime, you silly, nothing is real.

But it is, in my mind it is real.

When I read a book, watch an anime, or write a story, I get deep into it. I feel things I shouldn’t feel for characters or situations. That’s the way it is. I am sensitive to mangaka’s cruelty or, in Kubo’s case, bullshit. Everything affects me, that’s one of the reasons I spoil myself all the stories, otherwise I would go mad at the cliffhangers and such. And this Naruto kid breaks my heart. That drawing is someone I would like to hold tight to make the hurting go away. I mean, he is orphan, at the beginning he doesn’t even have friends, no one to talk to but his teacher and the old Hokage, yet he never gives up. Of course, Sasuke, Naruto’s friendfoesecretloverforsomepervers, is also an orphan, he is also alone, but he is different, he wants revenge whereas Naruto wants love and respect. The freaking kid makes me sob whenever I see his little blue eyes fill with tears, fear or sadness. I hate this anime.

Well, no, I don’t. I know how it ends, and so far I am cool with that. Naruto has gained a lot, good for him, and even if I have a long way to go, I will try my best not to stop midway. I am only at the beginning, yeah, but there is something I am sure of:

If I keep crying with this thing, I will sue its mangaka for emotional abuse. I will sue him and, while I’m at it, I’ll sue Kubo as well. Yeah, you.

Has a book, movie, manga, anime or whatever, ever made you cry? Why?




11 thoughts on “Not only a story

  1. Tanya Cliff says:

    Lots of them…Lol
    For the same reasons: been there, done that, hurt like that, been healed like that…

    Each time I watch Inside Out I lose it when Bing Bong makes the sacrifice play at the end. I had one of those childhoods where my imaginary “friends” provided what a lot of other people didn’t. So that scene wrecks me every time…Lol🦇


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