Letters from your future

To 2003 you:

I noticed you are about to start a new chapter in your life. You have so many plans for the future, but you haven’t thought about them yet. While you do it, let me give you some pieces of advice to go through this year. You can choose to do what I say, or to ignore me. I know what you’ll do, but I’ll tell you anyway.

1.- Don’t be ashamed of being friends with your mother. There is nothing wrong with being seen with her in public, or to have her taking you to school. That is the best that can happen to you. Do you know how many girls wish their mom were like yours? No, because you’re too worried trying to become an adult. Silly, you. So what if you are friends with your mom? That is possible. Want to know why? Because she is the person you’ll trust the most. Whatever happens, you’ll know for sure she won’t let you down. Also, she gave you a life, something she is trying to take care of, and she loves you more than anyone ever will, you her as well. Don’t be silly, hang out with her, tell her where your graduation party is, you’ll regret it later.

2.- Stop acting badass, because you are too far from that. In fact, you are cute, you bruise easily, you cry every time you are pissed, and you are terribly uncoordinated. You cannot kick people’s ass, mainly because you hate confrontations, and you tend to feel sorry for them, so you won’t do anything to harm them. You are adorable. Why do you want to appear tough in front of those people? Stop, darling. It’s not worth it, plus you won’t see them again. Ha!

3.- Quit the eyeliner. I know you want to look rebellious and older, but that doesn’t suit you. Besides, no matter what you do, you’ll never look older than you are. It’s because of your stupid face; you’ll even have problems getting into bars and getting drinks, but that is a different story. When you are over eighteen you’ll know. Don’t rush it. You are innocent (not quite, but yeah), so enjoy it. It doesn’t last forever, and when it is over, you’ll wish you could go back in time just so you feel that way again. Savor it, memorize everything you want to remember, do it before it’s gone. As for the being tough situation, you are not, but you will be. As a matter of fact, people now think you are deranged. Happy?

4.-That is the last year you’ll be with her. Your best friend will be going away any time soon, and that will be it. You’ll find it hard; you’ll think you are lost without her; you’ll be lonely and sad, and not even those trips to the beach will help the feeling. You’ll miss her, and it will hurt, however, you’ll be fine. We’ll be fine. You may find it hard to believe, but you survived her absence. It took time, of course, but dawn broke and that little darkness became a light. I would tell you how your friendship with her is doing right now, but you may not be able to take it. You are still a kid, after all.

5.- Last, but not least, you’ll have a stupid idea inside that head of yours. No one will make you change your mind, oh you’ll be so sure of it. You are going to think it’s the best idea ever, and things are going to work out. Well, it is not, and they won’t: you’ll regret it. I know you’ll do it anyway, so I won’t stop you. Go ahead, make that mistake, it won’t be that bad, but don’t come crying to me when you realize you wish you hadn’t, because I’ll slap an I told you so in that cute face of yours. So, suffer in silence. And you will, believe me.

That being said, I only want you to say goodbye.

Say good bye.

Trust me on this one.

Say it.

Love, 2016.


2 thoughts on “Letters from your future

  1. Tanya Cliff says:

    I finally got back here to comment (e’s engaged)…
    I loved this. My 2016 would be telling my 2003 all about my daughter who was born in early May of that year. She is so awesome. I might even tell my 2003 how, on this day, she braved the bitter cold with me to run errands and go shopping, laughing the whole time at all my sillies and just warming up the whole day. This on a day when my own mom, once again, left me in the bitter cold….
    I would tell my 2003 just how lucky she was to get this diamond…🦇


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