Let’s talk about books.



I love to read. Who doesn’t, right? Well, believe it or not, there are people who don’t. Yeah, trust me on this one.

Since it is Monday, and I swore I would stick to the day categories I set myself to write, I will write a top ten of the books I love the most, something that proves to be difficult since I like almost everything I read. Maybe someday I’ll make a list of those I hate. You know how much I enjoy hating things.

I won’t tell you what the books are about, because I like the mystery, remember? Just figure it out yourself.


1.- The Family, by Mario Puzo.

This is my number one because it was the first book I read willingly. No school paper to write, no test about it. Nothing. I was minding my own business at my grandfather’s bookshelf when I saw this beauty. I flipped through the pages and went to the ending. It is something I do. I have to read the ending before I start, otherwise I get anxious. I read a major spoiler. It said: Cesare Borgia had died. You see, this is not a real spoiler if you are familiar with The Borgia family, so shut up.

I read the phrase and felt curious. Why had he died? Who was Cesare? So I read it. Stupid me. By the time I got to that part I was already in love with him. I cried a lot when he passed away, and I don’t even care he was an incestuous murder who had syphilis and scars masking his face. Nope.


2.- The Japanese Lover, by Isabel Allende

I cannot stay away from magical realism even if I find it hard to read. That being said, of course I was going to read The Japanese Lover, it was a matter of time.

This is a beautiful story that keeps you reading. The wonderful thing about magical realism is that it creates unique sceneries, it makes stories a little more… well, magical, hence the name, duh. It has historic facts, political, romantic, a little bit of everything. I cried at the end like a baby. I cry every time I read or remember the closing sentence. It’s too much for me.

Imagine a love so strong it can make the person you adore come back for you. From the death, and because you’re dying…

Just read it.


3.- The Kate Daniels’ series, by Ilona Andrews. Nine books.

I prefer urban fantasy because it mixes together the things I love the most. Kick ass women, supernatural stuff, strong and arrogant man, and a lot of action.

Kate Daniels is badass, period, and she lives in a post-apocalyptic Atlanta. She is a no name merc who is hiding something and who has been raised as a sociopath who won’t hesitate to kill you. Also, she is really protective of those she cares about. A lovely person, really. Then you have a world where magic and technology are always one against the other, and plenty of mythology. These books my favorite series by a long shot. I can read them all over again without getting bored.

If you like Urban fantasy and haven’t read Kate Daniels’ adventures yet, I recommend that you do it.

4.-Love, Rosie, by Cecelia Ahern.

I LoveHate this book. I have a thing for lifelong friends who love each other, but are too stupid to admit it. I also like real characters with real problems, and this book is full of them. There are nothing but bad situations for the protagonist, she deals with everyday life the way a single mother would, yet she manages to keep going. Also, there are too many things going on I actually hated Cecelia and the two main characters. It was a book that broke me emotionally, because it hits home. It makes me remember said friend I used to have, someone who moved out and whom I haven’t seen in more than ten years. It hurst because at least Alex and Rosie kept in touch, and we didn’t.

After I was done with the book I considered myself broken beyond repair. You see, I didn’t use to cry no matter what, but after Love, Rosie, I cry all the time. It’s like Chandler, from Friends; once you open that door, it won’t close, damnit.


5.- Dracula, by Bram Stoker.

Of course I was going to include a vampire in this list. Dracula would kick all the modern vampires’ ass and make them eat it while he watches. Or, you know, impale them. This books needs no introduction, you either love it or hate it. This one made me be scared of vampires. And nowadays I laugh at them, so that is a big deal.

Hail, Vald!


6.- Carmilla, by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu

What? Another one? Well, this is a lady vampire. She is romantic and cruel, both at the same time. The book is short and simple, but boy, it has everything a vampire lover wants: lust, love, death, seduction. Except, of course, the part where the villain dies. That sucks all the time.

Hail, Carmilla!


7.- Gothic Doll, by Lorena Amkie.

Yet again, another book about vampires. Sue me. I read this book after I decided to move to another topic. No more vampires, I promised, then, after I tricked my aunt into buying me a book, I found this one and felt interested on the cover. It had a doll, and purple background, I found it cute. I read the synopsis. It was never hinted vampires were living inside those pages, but it did seem it was going to be a dark read, so I took it home. Twenty pages later it hit me. VAMPIRES. I shrugged and continue reading. What the hell.

I liked it because it portrays the life of a teenager that wakes up in a dark alley with no idea as to what happened. We peeked into her life, read her first impressions after she finds out what she is, and we see her kill people because she cannot help it. Yay! Don’t try to read it unless you speak Spanish. Unfortunately English is not yet available for this one. At least that’s what I think.


8.-Love In The Time Of Cholera, by you know who.

I read this title because I am a sucker for absence and lost loves. I found it rather cruel. How can a man love a woman that much? And how can a woman be so mean to a man? And what the hell, Gabo?

I don’t particularly like Gabo’s style. Don’t get me wrong, his books are magical, but he takes ages to get to the point, and I get eager. I just want to know the gossip, but he takes his time. Not that it’s bad.

On the plus side, the death at the beginning of the book was very funny.


9.- Pride and Prejudice, by also you know who.

I have to admit I watched the movie first. I watched it over and over again, then I thought it was time I read the novel. It blew my mind. Relationships are better developed in the book, the language is richer. It is all more romantic, more everything.


10.- Gone Girl, by Gillian Flynn

This book tricks you into feeling sorry for Amy, who disappears at the very beginning. The first part of the story is based on her diary, and on her husband’s point of view. You hate Nick because Amy tells you the things he’s done to her. Poor Amy, right? Stupid Nick, he is an asshole. She also tells you how things started between them, how they got colder and colder to the point Amy was afraid her husband would do something to her. Not only he was a cheater, he also was short tempered and presented a threat to her. And her baby.

It is on the second part of the book where you love Amy more than ever, because she is fucked up. She is a psychopath, always has been.

Psychopaths are people who can blend into society, they look adorable and trustworthy, but they are predators. She is one of them. She copies people’s emotions because she cannot really feel them, she sees a girl she finds interesting, she takes note and adopts her personality. Movie Amy has issues, but book Amy kicks her ass to the moon and back. She is so manipulative, evil. The woman is evil. And she wins, of course she wins, ha!

The books is a strange love story. You know, not all relationships are I love you and heaven, this one is the proof of it. Both of them are sick, but in some twisted way they are perfect for each other. They need each other. Nick needs Amy to be the best man he can be, because Amy pulls the threads to make him move in the direction she wants (except when he didn’t anymore), and Amy needs Nick to be the cool girl who doesn’t kill people. Amy needs him to be more human, or to look more human. But, if she loses him, she will just be someone else and move on to the next pray.

See? Romantic.



Other books I fell in love with.

Like water for Chocolate, by Laura Esquivel.

El Principe Maldito, by Ramón Obón (more vampires).

Aura, by Carlos Fuentes.

The Fever Series, by Karen Marie Moning.


What are your favorite books? Have you read one of mine? Comment!


16 thoughts on “Let’s talk about books.

      • believemeornotsite says:

        Actually, I haven’t read any with werewolves. Of course, they have shapeshifters who can turn into a wolf, they don’t have any lycantrope. In any case it would be The Mercy Thompson series, they are about a coyote and werewolves. And yes, Mr. Darcy is soooo arrogant, I love him. Lol

        Liked by 1 person

      • Tanya Cliff says:

        My oldest son learned to read on Harry Potter. He learned to write responding to mom’s “owl posts” in the living room. The books are a lot of fun. You are showing a soft/romantic side with Darcy…be careful…🦇


      • Tanya Cliff says:

        No, but he is the best of best guys…He doesn’t say all the right things. He does all the right things…that’s better by far.🦇(and he falls for the girl with brains…he won’t get bored)
        You do have a romantic side then…Lol


      • Tanya Cliff says:

        Lol…she is definitely smart and wants to be loved for all the right reasons, I think…
        You are all romantic, except for your lusting after werewolves…Lol
        The werewolves I write are really, really bad…operate as really bloodthirsty “pirates”…and can supernaturally submerge underwater and swim like dolphins and attack like sharks…don’t go swimming in them waters…


      • Tanya Cliff says:

        There is nothing endearing about my werewolves. They would tear you apart and eat you. I liked the water element. It added a whole new dimension to the idea of a werewolf and forced them to have added supernatural strength and abilities over the average land dwelling variety. They are bad and scary…
        I’ll be curious to see what you come up with…
        I haven’t written any Vampires though…🦇(I like the giddy/goofy/happy variety, and that just isn’t scary…Lol)


      • believemeornotsite says:

        I am interested in your werewolves. They sound hot, bad and nasty, just the way I like my creatures.
        My lycanthrope will be tied to the moon’s cycle. And they will be real beast. But it is still an idea, I have to work more on that.

        Liked by 1 person

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