MyTop10 Monday


I am tired of reading lists everywhere and disagreeing with the majority of them, so I thought, since this is my personal space and I can write anything I want, it was a good idea to dedicate a day of the week to show you my lists. What better day to do it than in a Monday?

Today I want to talk about my favorite songs, the lyrics I sing with a hole in my soul and tears in my eyes. Ok, that is not entirely the truth, but I do feel something when I listen to them.

1.- Faded, by Alan Walker.

I have not description for this one. I just enjoy it and let it kill me over and over again.

2.- What if you, by Joshua Radin.

If I were to dump my boyfriend, I’d use this song. If I were to be dumped by my boyfriend, I’d want him to use this song. There is something beautiful about a guy telling you that he’ll stay here with you (just for tonight), but when the sun hits your eyes through your window, there’ll be nothing you can do. It makes you want to leave him first, or make him so in love with you that when he leaves, he’d wish he could stay.

3.- Siberia, by The Backstreet Boys.

There is nothing rational in me when it comes to this band. I love them since I was ten years old and had a crush on Nick. I loved them even when I knew they were plastic, and I love them now. I have grown out of all the thing I enjoyed back when I was a kid, everything but them. I don’t know why. So, shut up.

Of all the Backstreet’s song, this is the one I love the most.  I guess Siberia is the way you must feel when they don’t love you back, when the person you adore has a change of heart and there is nothing you can do, because it is also not your fault, or at least that’s what said person says.

4.-Nymphetmine, by Cradle of Filth and Liv Kristine.

I wrote a paper on this song back in college. I don’t remember what the assignment was about, but I chose Nymphetamine with my eyes closed, and studied its lyrics. Call me crazy, but I think it’s poetic, and it has so many levels it can mean a lot of things. Of course, you get the real meaning when you listen to the complete version, but still. I loved to guess. Is it about the drug, a person who was a drug, or a magical creature? Wtf. Were they so high and in love with the substance they wrote an entire song about it and sang it beautifully? Beats me.

I don’t usually research what is going on around a song to get the meaning, I prefer the mystery, and the crazy theories that take place inside my head.

5.- A Love Song For A Vampire, by Annie Lennox.

Dracula has been killed by Mina. You stare at the screen with disbelief, think about the poor creature that lies dead on the floor, remember all the things he went through and did for love. You are hurt because to you Dracula is the real hero (in the movie, book Dracula is a jerk) , you are also sick and think that was the most romantic movie you have ever watched, and want to cross oceans of times for someone you love while killing people until you find him, or her, again. The point is, you are sitting on the sofa, watching the credits roll down, when a song starts playing. This one has no lyrics, just… music. Not exactly an expert on instruments. You don’t react to it because you are still thinking about the dead vampire. Oh, poor romantic guy! Come, bite me, I’ll make you forget all about that shrew. Suddenly that music stops, for a second there is only silence. You are about to move when…

Come into these arms again,

And lay your body down.

The rhythm of this trembling heart

Is beating like a drum.

It beats for you, it bleeds for you…

Then you finally crumble to the ground.

6.-Lookaway, by Sepultura.

Something about Lookaway makes me feel wild and hot. I don’t know what the deal is with the lyrics. I mean, I do understand what it says, but it could mean a lot of things. Cunnilingus, maybe? Another drug?

Each time I pull it apart,

 I get disgusted, can’t do it today

What makes it so good

That a man would kill for it

Lie just to lick a bit.

On top of that, the manly voices and groans are more that I can take.

7.-Vampire Heart, by H.I.M

By the time you read this you’ll be rolling your eyes. It’s more than obvious I have a thing for vampires. My psychologist doesn’t know what the fuck with that, either. Anyway, this son is perfect. Vampires? Check. Ville Valo’s voice? Check. Romanticism? Check. What’s not to like?

I’ll be the thorns on every rose

 You’ve been sent by hope (You’ll grow cold)

 I am the nightmare waking you up

 From the dream of a dream of love (Just like before)

Yes, please.

8.- Six, by All That Remains

Most people who know what kind of music I like, think I am satanic or something.

No, people, groans and shouting do not mean worshipping the devil unless you are into that specific genre, which I am not. Some of this songs are anger or hurt, betrayal or sadness. Really. Some of them are even romantic, if you like that kind of thing, of course.

Six is a song for the wronged people. When I listen to it, I hear someone who is upset and in pain, someone who was stabbed in the back and who still loves the stabber person. I feel anger, yes, but also despair, and we know how much I like those feelings.

I see her in my dreams

 Wish that she wasn’t there

 But she still haunts me and I

 Still feel her breath on me

 Still want to taste her skin

 But I know that would kill me

Aw, babe. Who hurt you?

9.- Il Vampiro, by Theatres Des Vampires.

This song makes me wish I were in the place my head goes to when I listen to it.

There is an empty street. People are hiding inside their walls; they know something is out in the rain. They know what it is.

Il vampiro.

He is looking for the one who will satisfy his thirst. Maybe it is you. So you feel his warm, his breath, you feel his teeth piercing your skin. You are his prey, and you like it.

This song is in Italian, which makes it better, but you know what the best of all is? I understand the whole thing.

10.- Je t’aimais, je t’aime et je t’aimerai, by Francis Cabrel

I took French lessons in college. I learned nothing, therefore my French sucks big time, that doesn’t keep me from having this language in my playlist. It does keep from singing out loud because I have a horrible voice and my accent is even worse. But hey, I understand some things.

Francis Cabrel is in my list. His songs are beautiful, and this one captured my heart from the very moment I was able to make out what the words meant. At least I know the title is a conjugation of the verb love in present, past and future. Aw. Then you have to really pay attention to get something else, when you do you feel your heart sigh and sob with love feelings. You hate them, clearly, yet you love the song.


9 thoughts on “MyTop10 Monday

  1. Tanya Cliff says:

    Glad to see you didn’t give up on the Vampire…Lol
    twilight would be nothing without him…
    so, dear girl, shall we extend our wrists and wait for the bite?…Lol
    fascinating list…


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